Some Of The Signs Of Autism Seen In Children

Autism or autism spectrum disorder is a complex neurodevelopment disorder that is marked by social, behavior and communication difficulties in children. Being overly focused on certain objects, avoiding eye contact, and failing to involve babbling at a certain age are few of the signs of autism in children. Sometimes, they may appear to develop normally till reach age three, then become indifferent towards social engagement.

Sometimes, children with autism may sit attain their motor milestones (sitting, crawling, walking) at the right time, but may have developmental differences in their social and communication skills. They may show delays in spoken language and social interaction with their peers. Thus, children with autism have differences in their behavior, social, and communication skills when compared with those who are not on the spectrum.

Social Skills

Children with autism have problems with their social skills do not know how to engage with others and prefer to be alone. Some of the socially linked symptoms of autism seen in kids may include the following:

  • Avoid or make little eye contact
  • Do not reply to their name 
  • Show no emotion or facial expressions
  • Do not point out to objects of interest
  • Unable to understand the feelings of others by their tone or facial expressions
  • Have no concern or sympathy for others
  • Unable to make friends 

Communication Skills

Not every child with autism has a speech issue. Their ability to communicate depends on intellectual and social development. Children with autism are self-absorbed in their thoughts and unable to successfully communicate with others. As they have difficulty in language skills and understanding, they find it hard to interact verbally and also non-verbally through hand gestures, the nuances of vocal tones, and facial expressions. Some of the signs of autism in children with communication difficulties are:

  • Delayed language skills 
  • Repeat what they hear without understanding 
  • Speak in a robotic or a singsong voice
  • Use mixed-up pronouns ‘you’ for self and ‘I’ for others 
  • Cannot initiate a conversation  
  • Do not pretend play
  • May remember dialogues and songs or can speak on a specific topic without understanding the meaning 
  • Unable to stay on a topic when answering questions
  • Cannot identify a sarcasm from a joke

Behavioral Disorders

 Disruptive behaviors, such as aggression, are seen in children with autism. Some of the challenging symptoms of autism that involve behavioral issues in children are:

  • Repetitive actions (stereotypic behavior) such as rocking, spinning, or flapping hands 
  • Prefer to stick to a fixed routine and become aggressive due to instant changes
  • Being obsessed with particular activities or certain parts of the toys
  • Maybe over-sensitive or under-sensitive to touch, sound, smells, lights, and touch
  • Hurt themselves (headbanging) without exhibiting pain

 If a child shows signs and symptoms of autism, remember that a consultation with a pediatrician can make a big difference!

Author: autismconnectassociation

Autism Connect is a voluntary group based in Mumbai, India formed by parents and professional care-takers of children on the autism spectrum. Parenting and caring for a child with autism is a special responsibility in itself. There are doubts, questions and uncertainties in our minds. At Autism Connect, we endeavor to collect literature on evidence based practices (with special emphasis on newer emerging therapies) in the management of autism and share it with autism associations and organizations across the world with the hope that these associations disseminate and distribute this to their members and parents of children with autism.

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