Adopting a different approach to handling sensory integration issues among kids with Autism

Being overly sensitive to sounds, bright light, touch and other forms of external stimuli is one issue that can leave you emotionally exhausted. You are just unable to let your kid with Autism understand the fact that you are helping your kid take a bath. You are getting him/her ready for school and doing all possible things to make the kid’s life better. The underlying reason or the fact behind this behaviour is on account of sensory integration issues in your child with Autism.

Occupational therapy or what is known as OT can help your kid perform his/her day to day activities like brushing teeth, drinking milk, going to the bathroom, getting dressed up and so on. But, Sensory Integration therapy in Autism coupled with Occupational therapy (OT-SI) can help your kid perform even better. Parents can consult a well experienced therapist to learn which therapy suits the kid better.

Sensory integration techniques have been developed by leading medical professionals including psychiatrists, counsellors and doctors specializing in the treatment of autism. One such effective technique is introducing carefully selected games to help reduce sensitivity and improve sensory integration inadequacies.

Say for example, you introduce the kid to a zone filled with pit balls. His Occupational Therapist or OT sits just beside the kid and asks him/her to take a couple of pit balls. He/she throws the balls out of the pit and bends hands side-ways, up or down to have them picked. Here, the vestibular or the muscular movements of the impacted kid improve a great deal. Again, the therapist drops Beanie dolls into the ball pit. The kid kneels down in the pit to pick the dolls and kisses them. The sensitivity to touch is reduced to the bare minimum. The child can feel comfortable when the mom, dad or uncle kisses the child on its cheek. The overwhelming happiness that gleams on the kid’s face opens up his/her emotional feelings in a broader light. Introducing lot of play activities also improve the hand-eye co-ordination amongst kids with Autism.

Taking a different approach to tackling sensitivity issues is what is known as Sensory Integration therapy in Autism.New age treatments in Autism are surfacing at the medical field to make sure these kids lead a better life in days to come.

Author: autismconnectassociation

Autism Connect is a voluntary group based in Mumbai, India formed by parents and professional care-takers of children on the autism spectrum. Parenting and caring for a child with autism is a special responsibility in itself. There are doubts, questions and uncertainties in our minds. At Autism Connect, we endeavor to collect literature on evidence based practices (with special emphasis on newer emerging therapies) in the management of autism and share it with autism associations and organizations across the world with the hope that these associations disseminate and distribute this to their members and parents of children with autism.

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